I’ve allowed this space to lie fallow for months. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, far from it, but I wanted to quit blogging and move on to something else and I thought the best way to make that break clean and obvious was to allow some passage of time without comment. Enough of that.

Let me start by saying this is not a blog and it’s not a column. It’s an experiment of sorts to see if there’s something in between those two. Most weeks, from now on, I’ll be writing about, among other things, amateur radio, personal technology, the long emergency, and growing old in these bad old times.

The site continues to evolve and still requires some work. If you think it looks a little too “plain” then good, that’s what I’m going for. Simple. Plain. HTML. I’m still tweaking the fonts and I need to add a search feature. Comments are verboten but there’s a full RSS feed if you prefer to read that way.

It should render well on mobile devices, let me know if it doesn’t.

I’m using a static site generator called Jekyll that converts markdown text into HTML. It’s a simple but elegant solution that highlights content rather than the coding prowess of the “me-too” commercial Web.

Life without a fancy content management system to handle these chores is a tad more laborious, but there’s a fresh, clean feeling that comes from visiting a site that doesn’t look like every other site and it’s a particular treat when you aren’t bombarded with advertisements, floating images, or noise.

Good golly the noise.

I hate those sites. Everyone hates those sites. I think it’s still possible to create and share compelling content online without all the cruft that afflicts most packaged solutions.

Let’s see, shall we?