Vibroplex purchased International Radio a few years ago. INRAD was a well known supplier of custom designed, high performance quartz crystal filters for communications receivers and transceivers.

Since its acquisition, Scott Robbins, W4PA has added a few new items to the INRAD product line, most notably a modification kit for the popular IC-7300 transceiver that provides a receive-only antenna port. The port can also be used for the insertion of accessory items into the receiver chain on the radio like receive-only bandpass filters, low noise preamps, etc.

And then this week in the run up to the Dayton Hamvention comes news that INRAD is introducing new line of microphones for every use, desk stand, adapters, cables, hand, and foot-switches. Boom mic headsets and communications headphones are expected to follow in the near future.

The new line of microphones will appear at Hamvention next week. Look for them along with Vibroplex’s growing line of amateur radio products in Building #1, booths 1607-1609. The new products will also be available at HAM RADIO Friedrichshafen July 14-16.